PTD and Cheap Flights

Ok, so I lied. I’m sorry. I said I was going to write about my 2010 travel adventures first, but I’m not. Because I recently visited Bali, with 3 friends, all of whom I’ve known for about 10 years now. And this was the first time we’ve ever travelled together. This was going to be interesting, to say the less.

The story behind this trip stems from my 2010 travels. I was suffering post-travel depression (according to Wikipedia, it’s true) when I came back in August 2010 and I needed something to look forward to. So when an Air Asia newsletter comes through your inbox with bargain prices to Bali, what is one to do? BOOK. TICKETS. NOW. So being the kind soul that I am, I asked whether the others would like to go seeing as we had been toying with the idea to go somewhere for a while.

Two days later, we had flights booked to travel to Bali in May 2011.

I had something to look forward to.


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