Lesson Three.One: Guide to Ridin’ Solo

So the friends had an adventure of their own, whilst I was with the lover. They shopped for home-wares at the market and rode elephants at the reserve. I am glad they had such a great day. There’s nothing more I like to see than smiles. Of joy and happiness, after a day of fun. But now they wanted to relax. All night.

Now I for one would like nothing more than a nice quiet Friday night with a glass of port and a lesson from Masterchefs’ Masterclass. BUT we were in Bali. On a Friday night. With limitless possibilities.

I decided, if they weren’t going to go out, I was. But I needed help. In the form of CouchSurfing. I first joined CouchSurfing whilst in Chicago (more on than later) and have used it to this day on all my travel adventures. It is a great way to meet locals and other travellers in and around the area. And have fun. Tonight was no different. I had organised to meet up with a boy and his friends for a night out in Legian. And it didn’t disappoint.

The night was young so we decided we were going to loiter at this street corner and drink a local alcohol, arak. It is made from palm sap and it is yummy! Inten and I were friends straight away. She is one cool chick to hang out with.

We ended up partying at Skygarden. It is a multi-level club with indoor AND outdoor spaces. Needless to say, we had a blast! Thank you Bali CSers for a great night in town! Till next time xx

Photos courtesy of Zac Joe, a CSer from Singapore.


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