Lesson Four: Learning to Stand on Water

In Perth, we have lovely beaches all along the coast. Burns Beach to Cottesloe, and everything in between is just magnificent in summer. Nothing compares close, although the Sydneysiders may beg to differ. So because winter had started to set its dark mood in Perth, I was going to take advantage of the great Balinese sun that was on offer. And I managed to convince the friends to too. I mean afterall, what harm can a sexy tan do you oneself? And if I wasn’t tired from having a late one the previous night, I sure as hell was going to be after a day in Tanjung Benoa.

Tanjung Benoa is situated on the SE coast of Bali. Calm waters and sandy white beaches make for perfect conditions to open up a water sports activity centre. And Hot Dog Dive & Water Sport was apparently the best in the business.

We were given a proposal. Three activities for 850,000 rupiahs. Inclusive of a photo and video package. Now I don’t know about you but for (approximately) AUD$90, we could go for a ride on the jet ski, take a lesson on wake-boarding and take to the skies para-sailing seemed like an OK deal to us. So we took it. And glad we did. The operators were lively and friendly. They are accommodating. They knew how to joke and laugh with you and at you. They were just SO MUCH FUN. And now we’re addicted to wake-boarding. For reals.

We are kitted up and ready to go! Watersports, here we come!

I had a great time on the jet ski. My instructor taught me how to do 360s. We nearly fell off the into the low lying reef. We then went para-sailing. However fun this may look, wedgies are never comfortable.

We are on our way out to sea to try wake-boarding. I totally recommend it!

I forgot to mention it was the girl’s birthday. She had a great day having fun in the sun. Us three being there made it all the better, in my opinion. But little did she know, she was in for a birthday surprise!

Side note: I’d also mention the other highlight of the day, and that was a feed at Bumbu Bali. According to TripAdvisor, it is the #10 restaurant to eat at in Bali. And it was good. Try it for yourself one day. You won’t know what hit you.

I had the most amazing tasting non-alcohol mojito I’ve ever tasted. It is a mix of orange, lemon and fresh mint. The girl and I shared a platter with 4 different kinds of satay meat, spicy vegetables and a mixed seafood curry. It didn’t take us long to devour it.


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