Lesson Four.One: Listen, it’s Not Your Birthday!

I am a HUGE fan of celebrations. Not so much celebrations for myself, but for others. I have always felt that celebrating something momentous is a great excuse to get together, drink, and put on a party.

So with that in mind, I suggested we go restaurant hopping to make it more interesting. Five-star and no less. The idea was to go to one restaurant, order an entrée and a drink, then move onto another restaurant and repeat. The night was still young and so are we (relatively). But the girl didn’t want to, which was fine, seeing as it is her birthday after all. When it’s my birthday, then I’ll make the decisions. So with that in mind I made, yet another suggestion, to go to Sarong Restaurant in Seminyak (it’s really in Kuta). It came highly recommended from the foodies at the cooking class. So we went on our merry way.

This is the birthday girl. All dolled up and looking FABULOUS!

We had scallops and oysters for our entrée. The oysters were flavoured with red wine vinegar, shallots, lemon juice and coriander. One word = YUM.

My meal of a soft shell crab salad and a side of lotus roots.

The birthday girl’s meal. Lamb shanks.

The boys had the curry and garlic naan bread. And a brandy espresso cocktail for dessert.

My verdict on Sarong? Go and have a meal there. It is a non-pretentious, fine dining restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, great service and high quality food. The flavours are different but well concocted and just darn tasty! Just make sure you do one thing for me. Check out the design of the restroom. I promise you, that won’t disappoint either.


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