Lesson Five: Don’t Do Too Many Things

I was checking the layout of my blog just last night and I realised something. You lot already know me quite well. You know I am asian. You know I have at least 4 friends (the sun being the 5th).You know I like to do lots of things on holidays. You know I’ve been having an affair for years now. So while we’re getting to know each other I might as well share another thing about myself.

I like to learn. There I said it. I like to learn things. Anything and everything. Be it the Spanish language or how to sew. Be it how to fry the crispiest bacon (still haven’t perfected this one!) or how to use my darn smart phone. I like to learn things. I’m like a child (people still think I am, mentally anyways). Always looking around, taking in my surroundings and ready to surprise people with my (ongoing) wealth of knowledge. Sometimes people tell me I know too many things, but I just ignore them and continue to learn and exciting things.

So one thing I have always wanted to learn is how to surf. How to ride a wave from way out in the horizon to the shore. How it feels to stand on a fibreglass board with the water beneath you and the wind around you. I was determined to experience all that and more, during my 2.5 hour lesson at Seminyak Beach with Ketut from Silver Surf Bali. And much to my surprise, I succeeded! But not without a slight red tinge to the face, even with the SPF 50+ on. Apologies to Ketut who had to watch me ride the good waves!

The many surfboards that line Seminyak Beach. Which one to choose from? Does the colour make you go faster?

So with that ticked off the Things-To-Learn list, it was time to meet the friends. And it looked like we were all ridin’ solo today. The boys were off to the Waterbom park. The girl was off to the shops. And I was off to explore the streets of central Kuta. Equipped with a not-to-scale map, I set off. This is what I found.

Views from the back of a scooter. In Bali it’s recommended you hire a seat on one of these, it beats sitting in a taxi watching the meter run while in traffic. And plus, you get see the darnest things like the TV tied to the man!

Treating myself to a meal of Gado Gado and Nasi Campur @ Made’s Warung recommended by Ketut. The Gado Gado was over-cooked and sloppy. The Nasi Campur half was tasty though. The mango juice, I had ordered as soon as I sat down at the ‘singles’ table, arrived halfway through my meal. It went down like a treat. It was like eating a mango!

This is the sunset over Kuta Beach. The beach was packed with all sorts; lovers, surfers, tourist groups. They were all there for the same thing. To enjoy the magical moment. NOTE: These photos are courtesy of one of the boys. Mine didn’t turn out as nice.

This is Discovery Shopping Mall. I walked past this mall 4 times. Yes, I was lost. Yes, the not-to-scale map was not-too-helpful. By the time I made it back to the Best Western Resort, I was ready to K.O.


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