Lesson Six: How to Equalise and Read Maps

It is one of the boys’ birthdays today. Yay, another celebration! We had a hell of a day planned out for the birthday boy.

First up, diving with Pro Dive Bali. We chose Pro Dive Bali because it is a certified PADI dive centre. We didn’t want some dodgy dive centre taking us out on our first diving trip. They were professional and all their gear was top-notch. The dive site was Tulamben located at the NE part of the island and it was a two-hour drive out. The roads wind up and down, in between the mountains and valleys. The scenery is meant to be beautiful but we were tired so we didn’t get to appreciate it. Tulamben is where all the tourists go. It is a famous for the USS Liberty wreck diving, located between 8-20m depth. It is where most of the dive shops take their one day dive trips. Despite the amount of people there that day, I didn’t find that the dive site was over crowded. There was still plenty to see, touch and feel.
Note: The photos are courtesy of the non-birthday boy who took them down at 18m. He was very excited when he first got the underwater camera case. And by excited, I mean EXCITED.

Although I’ve been diving in the Great Barrier Reef before, I was amazed to see a range of brightly coloured fishes and coral which had grown onto the USS Liberty. It was wrong of me to assume it wouldn’t be as good as the Great Barrier Reef. This site definitely had its positives.

The next dive site was just 10-20mins up the road and this one was a sheer wall site. I liked this site better because of the colourful corals growing vertically on the wall face. I saw corals in colours you wouldn’t imagine them in. Plum purples, midnight black, snow-white, neon yellow. It was just so beautiful. The boy didn’t capture these as he was down at 18m and I was up at 9m. He captured other things instead.

I was on a high after the dives. It was so much fun. I wanted to dive for longer. I wanted to plan my next dive trip already!

I got to take in the scenery on the way back to the resort and I couldn’t stop wondering how the island is just so green and lush despite the onslaught of tourists from near and far. Reminds me of New Zealand, minus the rice fields.

We got back to the hotel quite late that night. And we still had to properly celebrate the boy’s birthday. I suggested we go try Ketumbar Wine, Dine and Lounge, which on the map looked quite close. Note, never try to map out the distance between places on a not-to-scale map. You will fail, like I did. We had to stop into the tourist centre to ask how far we were. Despite the minor hiccup of arriving 45mins later than we expected, we made it and had a lovely italian meal in celebration of the boy’s birthday. Unfortunately the girl contracted Bali belly and was unable to join us.


The food at Ketumbar Wine, Dine and Lounge is tasty and well proportioned. The sauces are not watery and thick enough to coat onto the homemade pastas. The filling in the ravioli is flavoursome and is not dominated by the pasta shell that encased it. The manager surprised us with a shot of B52 each when we started singing “Happy Birthday” to the boy. We believe he just wanted a drink himself.


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