Travelling and the Family

I’m a pure-breed Chinese. And you are? (while we’re introducing ourselves)

I’m also the eldest in the family. Meaning, whatever I do/don’t do/say/don’t say has a way of filtering through to the youngest. Good or bad.

— Sept 2009 —

A week after the chat with the BFF, I decided I had to tell (a.k.a. ask for permission) the parents about this crazy idea. Now don’t get me wrong, the parents like the idea of travel. But they like the idea of travelling… as a family. Being in the 20-25 bracket at the time, I had decided long ago I had had enough of travelling with the family… for now. I believe it is good for the family and to spend extended time together once in a while, just not EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Plus it was always an expensive activity seeing as there are 6 of us.

So braving the upcoming onslaught of questions similar to “Why must you go by yourself?” and “How come you make time for travelling by yourself but not the family?”, I confronted the parents one night over dinner (food has a way of softening the blow of big decisions in the family). And to my surprise, they were fine with the idea of me, alone and the world.

Who are you and what have you done to my parents?


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