Grunt Work and the Travel Agent

— Oct 2009 —

The culling didn’t go so well. After a weekend filled with friends, countless travel tales, bottles of wine and the list, I was ready to give up on this crazy idea. This was proving to be a mission and a half. And I thought the idea of travelling was meant to be fun. I guess, in amongst all the excitement, I had forgotten that one had to have a plan. Or at least a direction.

I, at the best of times, don’t like to sit in front of the computer. If I wanted to do that, I would just go to work. At least I get paid to do it. Add on to that, the act of having to troll through tens, if not hundreds, of travel sites which leads from my original search to a country-specific site to a city-specific site which then leads onto travellers’ reviews about that city and so on and so forth, is mind-boggling to say the least.

With all that in mind and a list of chosen destinations, I went to a travel agent. Now before you judge me (good or bad), let me tell you I have never used one before and I was reluctant to this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you lot are nice people who are just trying to help make the travel process easier for us lot by organising flights, hotels and activities. And I know a lot of people, namely my parents, who have used travel agents before. But it’s no fun if I let you organise everything for me. I mean, I feel kind of useless. And it is my holiday overall.

So putting these feelings aside, I went to get flight quotes from Flight Centre and STA Travel. This proved to be easier than I thought. I gave the staff my list and they did their thing. Ta da! I now had my flights organised for my semi-RTW trip.

That day I left with an array of brochures and a draft itinerary.



Brochures courtesy of STA Travel.


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