Sup Jamur (Clear Mushroom & Vegetable Soup)

A winter warmer. This soup is ideal when you’re wanting something light and refreshing to clear out the system. It is packed of vegetable goodness.

Sup Jamur (Clear Mushroom & Vegetable Soup)

2 cups of mixed mushrooms (any kind, shiitake is best)
1 small carrot
1/2 cup of diced string beans
5 cloves of garlic
5 shallots
1 lemon
5 kaffir lime leaves
1 spring onion
1 hot chilli (or more to taste)
1 litre of chicken stock
Salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Slice mushrooms, garlic, spring onion and shallots. Dice the carrot. Slice the chilli and remove its sees. Cut the lemon into slices.
2. Saute garlic, shallots and spring onion in oil until brown. Add mushrooms and chilli to the mix and continue to saute.
3. Pour in chicken stock and squeeze lemon juice over the stock. Break the kaffir lime leaves and add to the stock.
4. Bring the stock to the boil then add the carrot, green beans and seasoning.
5. Serve with deep-fried shallots as a garnish. 

Serves 4-6.

Courtesy of Paon Bali Cooking Class.


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