The Uneventful Lead-Up

— Nov 2009 to April 2010–

When you part with $5,500 for a future holiday, there isn’t much you can do (financially) between booking the holiday and actually going to the airport to leave for the holiday. I mean you can go out for the occasional movie and meal, coffee with the girls and birthday celebration. But you can’t sustain the type of lifestyle you’re used to (the type where you go out every weekend to try out a new restaurant, you buy a coffee and lunch at work every second day, you go see blockbuster movies on the day they hit the cinema), unless you’re a millionaire and money is no object. Well, I am no millionaire (not even close) and funds were on the low side. I needed my budget to last me 8 weeks and half of it had been already spent. And Christmas, New Years and birthday season was coming up (most of my friends are born in the 1st half of the year). Oh dear.

So my life 6 months prior to leaving was uneventful to say the least. I remember there was a movie and meal here and there. Other than that, life was pretty ordinary.


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