Off into the Big Wide World

— May 2010 —

The time had come. After weeks of questions and exclamations like “How long now?”, “Where are you going” and “I thought you had gone already!” from people at work, I put the out of office message on and started to enjoy the start of my part annual and part unpaid leave. Now I hate packing with a vengeance so I spent the next 2 days procrastinating and attending my farewells. With everything sorted and luggage packed in the end, next thing I knew I was heading to the airport with the parents.

Passport, check. Wallet, check. Luggage, check. It was time to say good-bye. A last-minute FB update and I was through the departure gate. First stop, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. I was looking forward to eating bakkwa at BCH.

Sitting at the departure gate, who knew minutes can take so long to tick over to an hour? As much as I love seeing the beautiful orchids and taking advantage of the free wi-fi, I wanted to be in Barcelona already! Finally my flight was called over the PA system and time to hit the sack.

Tomorrow I will be in Barcelona (par a 40mins stopover in London). I couldn’t wait!

Photo courtesy of Google Images.


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