Hola Barcelona!

— 31 May 2010 —

Yay, I was on Spanish soil! I should have been tired after the 24 plus hours in airports and in the air but instead, I was excited and scared. I think it’s the Spanish sun. The way it hits my skin. The way it warms me up and causes tiny sweat beads to form. The way I struggle communicating with the ticket lady (I should have listened to more of those tapes). I was definitely in for an adventure!

First things first, text the BFF. I got “You’re finally in Europe!” back straight away. Next, find my hostel. After getting at the Clot metro stop, many wrong turns and somewhat failed attempts at speaking Spanish, I finally made it to Barcelona Urbany Hostel. It is a relatively new hostel on the Avinguda Meridiana main strip. I was allocated one of “The Pink Rooms”, for girls only. Very clean and funky.

With a fresh pair of clothes and my walking shoes on, I ventured out and about the neighbourhood. The first stop, the Glories shopping complex. I found a Carrefour and saw the below. It was scary. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I’ve been to China.

I bought some groceries and continued on my way. Up and down the tram track, people watching, passing all the stores and food stalls. It was liberating to be in a different country, yet find everything so familiar and comforting. I mean, Perth has the suburbs with its own boutique stores. Perth has people strolling around on a weekday minding their own business. Perth gets its fair share of tourists.

So heading back to the hostel, I walked by this quaint looking lane. Pecking round the corner, I decided to wander down and see what I could find. I found a tree-lined lane with stores next to one another. Leather, cushions, tea, you name it. There were people sitting on the outdoor chairs enjoying an afternoon limoncello. There were kids running up and down the street. There were other tourists finding their way around. I sat down on a bench to soak the moment in. And then it was time to go back to the hostel.

That night I met Jaeshin, the Korean girl sleeping in bed #4.


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