North America

Ice Cream Anyone?

A side note while I compile my favourite Barcelona photos to post.

A newsletter from Frommer’s popped into the inbox today and one particular article got my attention. It’s titled “America’s 10 Best Ice Cream Factory Tours”. Yes please!

The article is a slide show of the 10 best ice cream factory tours which stretches from the west coast (Oregon) to the east coast (Pennsylvania), and everywhere in between (Texas, Colorado and Ohio), catering for everyone living in and around the states.

And the standouts for me? (Yes that’s right, I couldn’t just choose one!)

Goody’s Chocolate and Ice Cream in Bend, Oregon.
Who can resist homemade ice cream with freshly crushed Oreo biscuits sprinkled on when you order? Not me! And that’s why this is going straight to the top of the list when I visit Oregon next year.

Boulder Ice Cream in Boulder, Colorado.
Mexican chocolate, peanut butter cup, island coconut, green tea. When to stop listing flavours?!

Ye Olde Mill at Velvet  Ice Cream Company in Utica, Ohio.
As diabetes-inducing as this may sound, I may actually have to make a pit stop in Ohio to try out the Buckeye Classic – a peanut butter ice cream with a thick fudge swirl and mini-Buckeye candies (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate).

So if you’re in and around the area, or visiting the USA, why not add one or a few of these places on the itinerary to make the holiday all that more enjoyable.

Happy eating!

Photos courtesy of Frommer’s.


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