Dislike Much?

Today, I was sitting at work minding my own business when 2 friends dropped by for a visit. Now I’ve worked with these boys for about 3.5 years now, love them as my brothers and we had the best time working together in the D.R. Congo, but today I disliked them. SO. VERY. MUCH. And this is why.

Friend #1. Tall, slightly tanned and handsome (irrelevant fact). Just back from holidaying in Botswana, Victoria Falls and Mauritius. Off to Thailand next weekend. Off to London in Sep. Off to Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam in Dec.

Friend #2. Medium height, tanned and handsome (another irrelevant fact). Just got back from holidaying around Colombia, Argentina, Peru and surrounding countries. (Maybe) off to Brazil in a month. Reminded me of a mutual friend who’s holidaying in Tanzania and heading to Zanzibar.

Me. Looking slightly sluggish. Stuck behind the desk.

Now do you see why I disliked them so much?


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