Muli Shani from Zambia!

And your response would be “Ndifye Bwino”.

After crossing several time zones and spending more than 24 hours up in the air and at airports, I have finally arrived on site. Seeing the red dust, giant ant hills and run-down townships made me reminisce on my site days in the Congo, about 80 km across the Zambia/Congo border.

To get here, the trip is from Perth – Johannesburg – Ndola – Solwezi – Site.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Perth – Johannesburg: Interesting conversations with my neighbour about life as a white woman in the Copperbelt, living through 2 wars and having to carry a semi-automatic for 7 years on the farm.
  • In Johannesburg: The smoothest landing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Well done pilot.
  • Ndola: Seeing kids frolic in the field at the end of the runway. The funniest baggage claim area ever. It is literally just a wall with a hole chipped out of it. Baggage is passed through this hole by 2 guys while 4 others are standing around talking.
  • Ndola – Solwezi: Constant swaying of the 18 seater light aircraft till we reached 30,000 ft. And that took about 15 minutes. And you can see the cockpit from your seat. And there was 1 air hostess.
  • Solwezi – Site: Kids (baby goat) crossing the roads and holding up traffic.

I feel right at home.


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