In CS News – The Traveling Portrait Project

Another article featuring a great social and charitable (in some ways) idea from fellow CSer, Marianne Goldin.

Marianne Goldin, a self-proclaimed social theory nerd, did what most of us want to do but aren’t ready or daring enough to do so (by choice). She up rooted herself from her city of Seattle to the distant city of Avignon with no friends and no family. Only cardboard boxes full of stuff.

Marianne struggled with loneliness after the transition and wanted to express her creativity while making new friends in her new city. She did just that, and more. Through The Traveling Portrait Project. It basically involves Marianne using her drawing skills and applying it to draw portraits of strangers. She got to know her strangers (now friends) on a deeper level all over an hour drawing session.

Marianne has just finished an epic 17 day portrait drawing marathon which saw her travelling through 7 countries and 10 cities. She organised the events though the CS city groups and with the help of local CS members. These were held anywhere and everywhere.

She is now back home and has big plans to expand this project into an art exhibition by displaying all her original works. She also hopes it will encourage others to use her project as a template, for their own projects which they can use as a way to give back to their community.

Read the interview here and follow her blog for her latest adventures.

Her upcoming trips will be:
Paris, FR: 23/07 – 26/07
Sardinia, IT: 29/07 – 02/08.

If you’re in and around the area, be sure to email her and set a date. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to see you there.


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