First Date with A Girl

After going off on a tangent and having no access to Photoshop, I am back to the 2010 travel tales. Thanks to my neighbour for having Photoshop on her computer. This continues on from my date with Gaudi.

— 03 Jun 2010 —

So the girl and I met over common grounds, travel and food. Sorry no surprises there. She was travelling around Barcelona for a week by herself and she had a list of the top places to go and eat. She asked if I wanted to try out a dessert restaurant and I said “hell yes.” That was a no-brainer.

Espai Sucre dessert restaurant and pastry school is the brainchild of international pastry chef Jordi Butrón and his partner-in-crime Xano Saguer (use Google translate for this one).

Espai Sucre offers a few different dessert menus including a chocolate menu, a 3-course and 5-course dessert menu. You also have the option to pair selected wines with each dish. Of course we chose the 5-course menu but without the wine. It wouldn’t have looked too good walking back to our respective “homes”. The 5-course menu will set you back €50. Well worth it if you ask me. But you may need to think whether you are willing to go on the bread and butter for the next week or so, depending on your budget.

Passion fruit-coffee, lemon-cress and mint sorbet Keffer. Omg, the mint sorbet was to-die for. While the lemon-cress doesn’t look too appetising, it was a nice bitter contrast to the sweetness of the whole dish.

Red wine baba, pear and saffron. I didn’t know what to expect from this, I mean, what the hell is baba?! It was actually the dense sponge cake. I’m not a big fan of red wine. I know it’s good for your health and blah blah blah, but so is vodka (in my opinion). But I liked the taste of the red wine in the cake. It wasn’t overpowering and it didn’t leave a bad after taste, which was a good thing because the pear jelly cubes were delicious.

Extra virgin olive oil cake, white peach, green olive and “San Simon”. The cake was very different, a bit too oily for my liking but I guess that is what is expected from a cake made of olive oil right? The highlight for me was the guava sorbet.

Coconut tapioca, burnt yolk ice cream and “orujo de Galicia”. Doesn’t look too appetising does it? The yolk ice cream was very sweet and creamy and didn’t taste burnt at all.

Chocolate with vinegar, strawberry, mint and pepper. Heavenly delicious. The pepper added a kick to the sweet strawberry sorbet.

Petits-fours. I love the stainless steel stand. Oh and of course the delicate sweets; shortbread, candied orange, chocolate lollipops, caramel and poppy-seed bickys and a sponge tube topped with icing. The green potion is a green apple granita-like drink. Very refreshing and allows you to cleanse your chocolate palette.

The overall experience was one I’d never forget. First ever dessert date with a girl. First ever dessert degustation. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the date Kim.


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