FB post from Lonely Planet

I read an interesting article from Lonely Planet the other day. It is titled “Career break travel myths”.

Sherry Ott, a self-described ‘corporate IT refugee’, found the courage to escape the corporate world. With everything packed and sorted back home, she set out into the world and has since extended her initial career break into a 4.5 year trip. And she’s still going.

Her interview with Lonely Planet puts to rest some of the worries one might associate with such as leaving your day job to travel for an extended period of time to family issues to where to live whilst on the road.

She has since founded Meet, Plan, Go!, a hub which offers resources, workshops, and general inspiration for aspiring career break travelers. Her travel blog is updated regularly with photos and stories of her latest adventures.

Read the full interview here.

One day I’ll have the guts to do it.


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