I’ve Gone and Done it… Again!

I’ve gone and done it again. I have booked myself on a tour! Some solo traveller I am right?

Since I’m already in Zambia, I’m going to take a flight from Ndola -> Lusaka -> Livingstone. Spend a couple of days there doing absolutely anything I want to do and then embark on this 9 day camping (yes, you read right!) tour which will see me go through Botswana via Chobe, where I can choose to take a cruise on the Chobe river; Nata, where I will see the elephants at the watering holes; Palapye and Polokwane, where I will see the white rhinos and the Kruger, where I will hopefully see the big 5 plus more. I will end up in Johannesburg and my plans after that are up in the air. Hunting in Pretoria, surfing in Durban, visiting friends in Port Elizabeth… too many choices!

2 weeks and counting.


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