A Day of Waiting and Flying

— 12 Sep 2011 —

Who knew it would take 9 WHOLE hours to get from the north (Lumwana) to the south of Zambia (Livingstone)?! Not me, that’s for sure.

So 3 flights, 3 cities and 9 hours later, I had arrived in Livingstone. I was fairly impressed with the airport. It’s one of the biggest ones I’ve been to in a while (compared to Solwezi and Ndola). The people are very friendly, especially my taxi driver, Frank, who was a breath of fresh air after my lonesome day of flying. He chatted about the town, the people, things to do at the falls. Very pleasant indeed.

After a shower and a layer of make-up, I was off to roam the streets of Livingstone. I found one pub (and not Irish!!), one tiny shopping complex and several restaurants which have a fascination with serving crocodile meat. Is this the land of crocodile hunting?! Disappointed and tired, I headed back to the backpackers and (somewhat) re-watched the RSA and Wales game (Woo, RSA ftw!).

I’m off to do the Gorge cable swing and Microlighting over the falls today. For someone who’s terrified of heights, it’s completely stupid. But wish me luck all the same.


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