Me, Myself and Nature

— 16 Sep 2011 —

It was a full day of driving today. We were warned about the road conditions, it’ll be the worst of them for the entire trip. Well, best to get it out of the way. But not before we stop at a Baines’ Baobab tree.

It doesn’t look the same as the ones I’ve seen in King’s Park so maybe it’s a native species to Botswana. It’s still impressive all the same.

So why did the elephants cross the road? To get to the water pipes because there’s no other water source. Apparently if the elephants get to the water pipes, the whole town is without water for a few days. Well, it’s a good thing we’re leaving!

Arriving at Elephant Sands campsite, I was unimpressed. First the overnight at the Salt Pans was cancelled. The one thing I was totally excited about seeing. And secondly, all the sand. I hate sand at the best of times but it was just EVERYWHERE. In the tent, in my sandals, in my sleeping bag. UGH. (The next morning I found out that my tentie had slept in sand all night. It was so funny. You had to be there.)

With no communication to the real world, I was stuck for things to do. I decided it was my day to unwind and be one with the earth. And
what a wonderful time I had, reading about the diversity in wildlife and
terrains all over Botswana, listening to the yellow bill hornbill chant and
eating my packet of flings (maize chips which I’m totally addicted to!). It was the most peaceful moment I’ve had in a long time. It really made me appreciate what nature could offer and what it felt like being unwired. I can’t even begin to explain the serenity. I believe it’ll be similar to Poh finding inner peace in Kung Fu Panda 2.

And to top it off, the sunset, the best ribs I’ve tasted in a long time and enjoying each others’ company around the bonfire.

What a life.


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