Welcome Home to South Africa

— 18 Sep 2011 —

A crappy night of sleep because our neighbouring campers were partying till the wee hours of the morning. Plus it was bloody freezing. Thank goodness for thermals but totally investing in a -20°C sleeping bag next time.

Saying goodbye to Itmula Camp, we headed SE for our next stop, Polokwane, formerly named Pietersburg, in South Africa. The drive was mundane but this is what we saw out the window. The majestic Drakensberg in the backdrop.

First we had to deal with the authorities at the Botswana/South Africa. It was actually much easier than we’d all expected. There was no “Take your shoes off” or “I’m going to check the truck for meat products”. Maybe the officials are used to people crossing at this border?

With that done and dusted, we were off. Staying at Union Caravan Park, it is on the border of a game reserve. Taking advantage of a free game walk (no lions), we set off by foot. Walking as quietly as we could.

This tree is beautiful in its shape, standing in their hundreds around the place. But don’t get too close. They had spikes which hurt like hell if you accidentally brush past it, like our young Philip did. Numerous times.

A type of aloe tree scattered across the plains.

We didn’t see much that day, just a zebra here and a giraffe there, oh and a lot of fresh poop! Nothing spectacular or worth picturing because they were SO far away. We were just hungry to get to the Kruger to see the good stuff!

An early night after a hearty meal from the tour leaders. I had a lovely conversation with my little sister (from another mother and country), Isabell, about the Christmas markets in Germany. I decided I wanted to go after that. Here’s hoping!

I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt as we crossed that border and I got my entry stamp. I felt like I had arrived at home. It’s hard to explain but I breathed a sigh a relief as if a weight had been lifted.

I had waited so long to come home.


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