A Little Bit of Heaven in the Bush

— 19 Sep 2011 —

Yep, you guessed it! Another long day of driving. We needed to make our way from Polokwane to Hazyview, which is in the Greater Kruger area. We are getting closer everyday!

Rows and rows of pine trees as we drove SE from the Limpopo province into the Mpumalanga province. Forestry is a huge industry in this northern part of the province.

The towering Drakensberg mountains in the background. The Drakensberg national park extends all the way through to Ladysmith (I later learnt that you can actually see that the Drakensberg starts here).

We arrived at the lovely Nkwathle Bush Camp (read my review under My Picks>Stay), and boy it was like a little piece of heaven in the middle of nowhere. First, it didn’t feel or look like a bush camp at all. I had these horrible images of several long drop cubicles in a row, a camping area in the middle of long strands of grass. And it was nothing like that at all. Spacious outdoor showers with hot water. A nice view over the lake from the camping area. Rock pools. Hiking trails. Peace and quiet. And second, we were greeted with welcome drinks from the host, Deon. Which camping site do you know does welcome drinks?!


Photos courtesy of TripAdvisor

Having been on a bus all day, I decided to stretch my legs and go on a walkabout. I found this. I’m not sure which way I’m facing but you can for miles and miles into the horizon. Maybe that’s part of the Greater Kruger park?

And to top it all off, the villagers entertained us with a dance (yes, we also boogied on down too) and we had a massive mixed potjie meal. Sweet potatoes, ground corn, chicken, beans, cabbage, spinach. So. much. food.


With a stuff belly, we got an early night. Kruger open-truck safari tomorrow!


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