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Stay – Nkwathle Bush Camp

Nkwathle Bush Camp, situated in Hazyview, is not what I pictured a bush camp to be. It’s not everyday you pitch up in the middle of nowhere and find a haven which makes you feel at home and “one with nature”.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by Deon, the friendliest of guys, with a welcome drink and a grand tour of the area. He will point out things for you to do (hiking trail or rock pool) or places for you to relax (bar or lounge). He will then make entertain you till he has to go finish off one of his chores.

There are many places to explore in the area. There are two main hiking trails with loads of hidden trails branching off. Just make sure you leave yourself a bread trail. There is an area further up towards the guest houses which is a nice place to get away from the action. There is the little curio shop where you can buy hand-crafted gifts. There is the (rarely hippo-infested) pond you can take a dip in. Just watch out where you step as we were warned it gets pretty deep in the center.


The pond where you can go for a dip. But beware because they sign says it all.

The rock pool. The water was kind of algae-infested looking fo I decided to keep my feet out of it.

The lounge area. It is the perfect place for catching a bit of sunshine with a cocktail.




The entire area is decorated quite eccentrically. I think the mish-mash of junk and colours adds to the homely feel of the place. I wanted to take a photo riding the scooter but the sun was at a bad angle. Boo!

Nkwathle Bush Camp is a people and animal friendly camp and offers a different styles of accommodation, from camping to guesthouses for couples (more being built right this very moment!). And on top of that, an array of activities (more than I’ve mentioned here) which can be done in and around the area. Kruger National Park is not far so it is easy to organise a day trip out from here. Just ask Deon, he would be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy Deon’s hospitality!

Nkwathle Bush Camp
Address: On the R40, Hazyview, South Africa
t: +27 (0) 83 337 4835


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