We’re off to the Kruger!

— 20 Sep 2011 —

We were off to the Kruger! I think for most people, this would have been the highlight of the tour. I was indifferent. Not because I’ve been to the Kruger before, but because I have been on an open-truck safari before. And I was lucky enough to be able to catch the Big 5 on day too. But no complaints, except for the 04h00 wake up to get ready, pack the tent AND have breakfast. All before 05h30 when the truck was coming to pick us up.

This post is simply paying homage to the spectacular wildlife and scenery on offer at the Kruger National Park.

In one of the camping sites, a board shows where animals have been sighted during the day. The comparison between yesterday and today is a great indication of how far the animals have travelled and where they are hiding from us.

I’m not really part of the Kruger but this is me showing my disappointment of missing out on seeing the lion. The other party truck got to see it up close. I totally chose the wrong truck to sit in. Sigh.


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