The Last of the Fun Times

— 21 Sep 2011 —

After a great braai (or barbeque for the rest of the world – thanks Kobus!) and feeling all sentimental about my last night of camping, we awoke early again and started a long drive to Johannesburg. I was so looking forward to sleeping on a bed and best of all, sleeping on a pillow. It’s something we all take for granted but when one goes 8 nights without one, one appreciates its worth. And what’s more, the luxury of indoor toilets and showers. Ahhh, now that’s the high life.

So, we all decided that we wanted to go out for our last supper. To a buffet and no less. The pick? The House of Ribs. Oh yeahhh… bring on the ribs! And this is how excited Kate was about being there.

Kim, Isabell, Philipp, Abby, Vikki, Matt and Hal. I’m not sure what Isabell is doing there. She must also be happy to be at The House of Ribs.

Laura, Adell and Claus.

Jim and Kate.

Kobus and Hettie. The fun-loving tour leaders.

Myself and Jo, my tentie. For non-campers, I think we did an awesome job with the tent Jo. Thoughts?

Myself and Isabell, my sister from another mother and country.

Thanks to everyone on this tour for making it a blast. We had such fun times and I will forever remember them. Thanks to Kobus and Hettie of Gap Adventures for the driving, cooking, hints and tips and laughs. Last but not least, thanks Jo. It was great camping with you. You are one funny pseudo Aussie!


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