Fending For Oneself

— 22 Sep 2011 —

After a teary good-bye to my “sister”, I embarked on the Gautrain and made my way up to Pretoria, or Tshwane, or Jacaranda City. It was my first day riding solo on this African adventure so I was very excited, to say the least. First stop, the tourism bureau to grab some brochures and drop off my luggage. I took a map and then just walked wherever my feet took me.

St. Alban’s Cathedral. I love the shape of the roof and the architectural feature on the windows. Upon inspecting it closer, it was stained glass religious motifs.


City Hall lined with these beautiful pink/purple Jacaranda trees.

Getting sick of being around so many children, I made my way to the National Cultural History Museum to get some culture. And lo and behold, there were 6 primary school classes of kids there. Bugger. In I went anyways. The museum features many different exhibits from ceramics to fashion to the Sans Bushmen tribe. Here are some of the features that I liked most.


Brightly coloured wall paintings.



Ceramic and pottery exhibit: Various types of Schroda ceramic figurines.

A collection of what South Africa is about.



Arts and Crafts exhibit: Examples of South African designer works.


Money money money! I managed to get my hands on an elusive 200 rand note for the collection.

Fashion exhibit: An outline of how fashion has changed throughout the years. From petticoats to flapper dresses to trousers.

Having gotten my slice of South African culture, I headed back to the main street and came across these! Dinosaur fossils. In the centre of town.

The type of architecture employed for many of the buildings within the city centre. Elements range from the Italian Renaissance era to Art Deco to the Modern era.

After all of that, I hadn’t even scratched the surface of this fine city. I will be back to see the Union buildings, Freedom Park and many more!

Till next time Pretoria,


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