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It’s been a while since I’ve read a good article so when “Which destination has changed your life the most” came up on my FB news feed, I was quite excited to read what the author had to say.

Lonely Planet asked followers on FB and Twitter which destinations had changed them the most and how it changed them. For some it was about interacting with other people and cultures, for others it was about the inhumanity that plagued the world during the war times. However the common theme was getting infected with the travel bug after their first international trip.

Below are the responses from more than 1000 followers, with India at first place. Cambodia at second and Australia and Thailand tied at third place.

Wordle image courtesy of Lonely Planet

And my top three?

Italy – All of my senses were blown away here. From the € 2 espresso on the side of the street to the 500-year-old (or older) structures still standing to the fresh egg pasta I learnt how to make at a Tuscan vineyard.

NYC – Lights, camera, action! The sheer size and atmosphere overwhelms you as you stand in awe in the middle of Times Square.

South Africa – The poverty, the diverse cultures, the coastline, the food, the people. I love this place like my second home.

What about you?


2 thoughts on “FB post from Lonely Planet

  1. interesting… I am from Australia…. but the country to have changed people the most? My top 3: Russia, NYC and Spain. I haven’t been to enough places to really give this question proper credit!

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