FB post from Lonely Planet

Once again, Lonely Planet asked Twitter followers which destination is their favourite for the ultimate of travels. Food travel!

I for one, sometimes take upon the challenge of travelling to places based on what I want to eat. Spain for proper tapas, Italy for carbs and Vietnam for langoustines, or big mofo prawn thingys as I like to call them. Come to think of it, I really need to do another one of these!

Below are the responses, with Italy at first place. Thailand at second and Malaysia at third place.

Wordle image courtesy of Lonely Planet

The rest of the list can be found at “Food Travel: What’s your favourite destination?

And my top three?

Italy – I agree with the rest of the Twitter followers. The freshly made egg pasta in Tuscany (I’ll post the recipe at a later date – after the recount of my African travels!) to the anchovy pizzas in Rome to the watermelon flavoured gelato in San Gimignano.

Spain – Tapas, tapas, tapas! Oh, and paella. Oh, and last by not least, the sangria. White wine version of course!

Hong Kong – My two childhood loves. Homemade lemon iced tea (honkie-style!) and fish ball hofun soup. How I miss you.

What about you? And any suggestions for my next food travel destination?


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