My First Ever Hunting Experience

And once again, back to South Africa… sorry for getting distracted readers!

— 24/25 Sep 2011 —

So the saying goes something like this… “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” And that I did. I just thought I’ll follow the same philosophy when in South Africa. And what do South Africans love doing? Hunt. And that I did.

Still up in Alldays, the day started off with a few practice rounds at the workshop (3 shots within 2cm of the target) and then a long day in the back of the truck. Once in a while, my PH and I tracked the impalas on foot. Without any success. He explained to me that the impalas were still scared of the hunters because hunting season only ended in August. This continued on for 2 whole days.

This is the view from the top of the “hill” where I was stalking a herd of impalas.

At the end of the 2 days, success! Yes, I know it’s not an impala but dang, they are hard to stalk. Too bad for this poor guy who happened to walking leisurely in my line of sight. And all I could think about was… BILTONG!

Me and my PH. It’s apparently a traditional to smear blood on your face and eat part of the liver of your first kill. They saved me from having to eat raw liver. Phew.

After a 3 long days of hunting and drinking, I had enough.

Till the next hunting season… see you later Alldays! xx


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