Road Trip Day 1: Centurion – St. Lucia

— 27 Sep 2011 —

After a night with Rouan and Michelle, it was time to start my road trip! Two weeks and a list of destinations along the east coast, I was ready. After a long morning of running around trying to fix on new number plates, buying a road map (who knew you can’t buy road maps at any garages in SA?!) and orienting myself, I set off along the N2 and was St. Lucia bound.

Point A: Centurion
Point B: St. Lucia
Distance: 685km (initial route 622km)

I encountered numerous hick ups along the way what with driving up the wrong exits and having to pay 2 sets of toll each time, missing the correct main highway (who the fuck gets lost on a main highway with clearly marked signs?! Yes, me) and misreading the road map and Google Maps GPS put together. All that whilst I was trying to drive.

Needless to say, what was meant to be an 7 hour drive along the N2 road, turned out to be a 9 hour drive when I somehow (only god knows how) turned onto the R618 road. An extra 65km of driving. And man, was I shitting myself when it started getting dark and I had less than a quarter tank of fuel. I knew I should have stopped at the last gas station. Sigh.

The only upside, the scenery was beautiful. You can tell when you pass the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal border. It’s not a physical one, although there is a sign welcoming you into the KZN province, it’s more of a subtle one. The grass is that much greener and the air is that much cleaner, it was nice to get away from the city. I managed to capture some shots whilst driving.

I arrived at St. Lucia knackered as. The streets were dead and it was nothing like what I had expected. I found a place to crash and that was me for the day. Tomorrow I’d start to look into the joint.


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