Road Trip Day 2: St. Lucia – Bluff

— 28 Sep 2011 —

St. Lucia

With 8 hours of glorious sleep under my belt, I was ready to explore St. Lucia with a vengeance. A stroll down the road took me past the local supermarket, a lot of restaurants and the gas station. There wasn’t a whole lot going on so I ventured down to the beach and the boardwalk, where you can apparently see hippos in the shallow waters.

The beach and the surrounding wetlands was stunning. It was so quiet, with only the sounds of the birds, waves crashing on the shore and the creak of the wooden boardwalk path. The horizon was dotted with fishermen casting their lines from the shore and the fog that was slowly moving away.

Back on the boardwalk there were 2 keen photographers sitting and watching a pod of hippos who were just chilling in the water with no worries in the world. Interested to see what they would be next, I joined them.

With St. Lucia ticked off the list, I made my way slowly down to Durban. Curry capital of South Africa. Yum.

The Journey

Point A: St. Lucia
Point B: Richards Bay (nothing to note here, it was just an industrial port town)
Point C: Durban
Point D: Bluff
Distance: 323km (initial route 266km)


2 stops and 5 hours later, I drove into Durban. First impression? Dirty and crowded. It was definitely not what I expected. When my friends told me about Durban I immediately thought a beach front city with clean streets and sophisticated people. It was completely different and I wish I hadn’t had any expectations of the place.

Back to the story, so I got lost on the way into the city (surprise!) and even more lost navigating the city itself (surprise again!). After driving around in circles for half an hour (damn you one way streets!), I gave up and just parked somewhere along the promenade and walked about the CBD.


This is a memorial of Dick King. He is somewhat a notable man in the KZN province.

Panoramics of the city, port and dock. The clouds were hanging around and I didn’t feel like taking a shower so on I went, into the CBD to check out some of the architecture.


With tired feet, I made my way back to the promenade and drove around until I finally found the beach. It was getting dark and gloomy so I couldn’t really appreciate the beach but I think it would look amazing on a clear fine day.

Onwards and southwards to Bluff I went, there I treated myself to a mutton bunny chow on the foreshore. One word. Delicious! Bunny chow is a skewed version of the traditional South African potjiekos. It was created by the Indian community in Durban and consists of a curry placed in a hollow loaf of bread. Second best food invention. Ever.

All in all, Durban was not what I expected. I will have to make another trip back there when the weather is finer and I can enjoy the beach for all its worth.

Till next time Durban…



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