Year of the Dragon 2012

I’m back in Perth for 2 weeks for my R&R. I timed it well, just in time for Chinese New Year. Being chinese, it is THE most important event of our (lunar, that is) calendar year. It is SO important to us, that we celebrate it for 2 weeks straight. 15 days to be exact. All in all, it’s AWESOME.

Other than all the food you HAVE to consume on Chinese New Year eve and receiving lots of ‘ang pows’ (red envelopes with money!), Chinese New Year is full of tradition. Paper decorations meaning “good fortune”, “longevity” and “wealth” are littered around the house, calls are made to ALL the family around the world (the networks love the chinese around this time of year), the house is turned upside down to get to every crook and cranny for that last bit of dust, no-one is allowed to wash their hair until 4 days after the start let alone cut their hair in the entire period… and the list goes on and on.

But back to the food. It was one heck of a meal. The best I’ve had in a while. My family is AWESOME.

And the ang pows! Five and counting for the year. Hope it’s a good one for me!

Happy Chinese New Year my asian brethren!

Hope you have a prosperous one filled with joy, happiness, good health, love and last but not least, many new and exciting adventures for the coming year. Take the world into your hands and own it.

Any non-asians jealous?


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