My City – The Garden



The Garden is a new-ish (about 2 years old maybe?) addition to the cafe/restaurant scene in Leederville. I’ve only ever been there for beers but I found it’s another one of those laid-back and welcoming places for a brunch catch up with the friends or enjoying a few cold ones on a Sunday afternoon, on this recent visit of mine.

I was catching up with an old friend for a late lunch and having been around the area in the morning, we decided on The Garden. The balmy weather helped with our decision as it has a nice open garden area to enjoy the afternoon breeze and sun.

Unfortunately due to our hungry stomachs, I forgot to take pictures of our food (sorry!). My friend had the smoked chicken salad and I had the hamburger with hand cut fries. It was divine. In the way that it satisfied our stomachs. The menu is quite extensive with tapas, accompaniments, something light and something more substantial.

The joint has indoor seating for a more formal meal setting or the garden lounges opposite the bar (serves about 5-10 home-grown brews on tap! – this changes regularly) or the rooftop seating area for a fun afternoon with the friends. Apparently they even have a giant jenga set! What’s not to like about the rooftop space?

I have yet to check out this jenga set but when I do, I’ll let you know. Or vice versa. Whatever.

So next time you’re trying to find a place for that Sunday session, look no further than The Garden. It’s bound to impress.

The Garden
742 Newcastle Street, Leederville
w: www.thegarden.net.au
t:  +618 9202 8282


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