Australia Day 2012

We recently celebrated Australia Day here in Perth, 26th Jan to be exact. It was a (very) welcomed public holiday for all the hard workers of Perth. Australia Day means BBQ, beers and fireworks. This year was a scorcher (41.9°C !!!) so I’m sure most people were at the beach or at the pool.

My family lives about 25 minutes from the city, meaning we never venture out to watch the fireworks. Plus the crowds and the drunken-ness is NOT cool. That’s why most of the time we watch the fireworks on TV or the harbour usually puts on fireworks but this year we didn’t catch them on TV because it was just TOO HOT to sit on the leather couches and the city council was too cheap. But we did do the BBQ and beers thing. Two out of three is pretty good!

My bru doing what he does best. Or so he thinks.

Having spent nearly 11 months in Africa last year, this contraption was somewhat foreign to me. I haven’t used a proper BBQ with the gas bottle and all the knobs. 

And the beef sausages!!! Straight sausages?! I’m used to boerewors which come coiled in meter long sections.

As for the fireworks, view what Perth can offer on Pixel PX’s blog. His pictures are AMAZING!


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