My City – The Observatory Rooftop Bar

During my current visit back home, I wanted to make it a point to explore some of (if not all!) the new boutique bars that have been popping up all over the place, a step in the right direction for Perth if you ask me.

So as part of my bar hopping adventures part 1, we stumbled and found our way from The Observatory to Cheeky Sparrow to The Aviary (separate blogs).

First stop, The Observatory!

A rooftop bar above Carnegies (a rocking pub which you should try out while you’re there) over in the west end of town. The small rooftop real estate has an indoor area which spills into a fake grass-covered area. The best bit about the indoor area is the retractable roof that is utilised when Perth gets perfect weather (summer nights are divine).

The outdoor area is quite small but is equipped with a state-of-the-art looking kitchen and barbeque (braai!!) area which makes up for it. It is also cleverly segregated by pot plants and fake grass-covered ottomans, for those who are on a date or those in a group. I have to admit the view is not great, but on the balmy night it was, with the lights on show and the mist sprays keeping the humidity down, it was just… perfect.

The bar list is extensive. You can order from their signature cocktails or get one of the (hot) bartenders to make you one off the top of their heads. Or go for one of the beers or ciders on tap. Whatever takes you fancy.

Last but not least, the (extremely) cheap $2 cover charge which goes towards a good cause.

There is no excuse not to visit this joint!! Go on, you’ll love it!


Images courtesy of The Conservatory Rooftop Bar

The Observatory
Corner of Murray St and Prince Ln, Perth
t: +618 9481 1960
w: theconservatory.net.au


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