My City – Cheeky Sparrow

Sorry, a tad overdue on the blogging but continuing on from my Perth bar hopping adventures part 1…

Second stop, Cheeky Sparrow!

Tucked in one of the mysterious laneways off King St, this cafe-by-day and bar-by-night establishment is down right funky. What with sparrow wall decals splashed over the walls, bird nest light shades and bird cage candle holders.

Image courtesy of STM

Image courtesy of Urbanspoon

This bar doesn’t have quite an extensive bar list (5 on the list at a time) but the ones they have are interesting to say the least. *P had one which had a blend of rosemary, rose syrup and gin and I had the one with bourbon, glazed cherries (fake cherries as I like to call them) and fruit liqueur. I have to say *P’s one was better than mine, and that’s coming from someone who has sworn off gin for life. It was a nice mixture between savoury and sweet, flavours that just complemented each other. Other than the short and sweet (or savoury) cocktail list, they have a range of international and local beers and ciders like many other bars.

The thing that catches me about this place is its ability to be initimate and cosy (upper floor) and casual (lower floor) at the same time. And although it’s an open arena between the floors, you can still hold a conversation with your friends without having to raise your voice over everyone else’s conversations and the chillax house music playing in the background.

I like it and I’d definitely be back to try another one of their interesting cocktail concoctions!

Cheeky Sparrow
1/317 Murray St, Perth
(entry via Wolf Lane, off King St)
t: +618 9486 4947


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