My City – The Aviary

The third and last stop for the night of the Perth bar hopping adventures part 1 evening was at The Aviary.

First impression? I didn’t like it. This is purely because of the long-ish queue. Not that I’m a princess or pedantic or anything of the sort, but at my age (late twenties or so), I feel that if I want to go out for a night of good cocktails and good conversations I don’t need to line up with all the skanky 18-20 year olds who are fresh out of high school and trying hard to be/look sophisticated. Ok, rant over.

Second impression? I still didn’t like it. We were told that “The Nest” (rooftop bar) was packed and there would be a 45 mins wait in another queue. So we had to settle for the lower level cocktail bar.

Despite all the hassle of getting in just for a drink and a bite, the place is cool. The interior is modern, funky and lives up to its name. The teal coloured seats (seen in a distance below) add a bit of a pop to the monochrome interior but hell, they are awkward to sit on. You have to be a Pilates pro to be able to balance on one of those. I know because *A fell off one of them.

So if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the skyline of Perth or be seen, this is the place for you. If not, go to The Conservatory. It has a better view, in my opinion.



Images courtesy of Urbanspoon

The Aviary
1/140 William St, Perth
(entry upstairs to Perth Underground Train Station)
t: +618 9226 0259
w: www.theaviaryperth.com.au (For bookings and events)


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