Oops, I Forgot To Tell You…

Sorry readers! Firstly for not blogging at all lately and secondly for not telling you about my travel plans, from which I have just come back from.

So I had Botswana and Namibia in mind as my next holiday destinations. Plus I had to keep in line with my new year’s resolution to visit 2 more African countries. The perfect solution, book another G Adventures tour! The one that I actually wanted to do last time but the dates did not match. This time, the dates did match and I was able to finally go to the Okavango Delta!

So the tour was going to start in Livingstone passing through the Chobe and Nata (again – same route as the last trip) but instead of taking the eastern route down Botswana, we were going to go west and head into Gweta, where one can camp under the 1000 year old baobab trees; Maun, where one venture into the Delta complete with all the camping gear stuffed in the local transportation devices called mokoro (dug-out canoes); Ghanzi, where one can learn basis survival skills from the Sans Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert and Windhoek, where one can be reunited with civilisation after 9 days in the bush.

Since I had been to Livingstone before, seen and done the falls and most of the optional activities, I decided to have a chilled out weekend in Joburg with my friends before the whole 9 day camping ordeal. What a not-such-a-great idea that was?! It was boozy, busy and a blast! And I was dead tired arriving in Livingstone on the Monday morning.

Nonetheless, I made it and joined the rest of the group and we were in for an adventure of a lifetime. Looking back at it now, I wish I had 10 more days to continue the journey onto Cape Town. The people, the jokes, the hatin’.. Oh how I miss thee.

Stay tuned for the stories…


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