Let the Shenanigans Begin!

You know the chilled out weekend that I mentioned I was dying to have in the previous post? Well, like I said, I never had it. If I remember correctly, I think it went something like this…

— 30 Mar 2012 —

Equally exciting about going on R&R and seeing my friends, as soon as I got off the SAA flight, I got in touch with *R. I was going to be in *M’s company till they get back from Brits. As soon as I saw *M at the Gautrain station, she surprised me with an invitation to a ladies’ drinks night. The girls had invited us over for one glass of wine. I was reassured that it was only one glass of wine. Well ok, I’ll play along with this one glass of wine thing.

Next thing I know, we were driving to *M’s house to reunite with the guys and then all hell broke loose. The spirits and wines started flowing more freely, a manly man’s darts competition was started then a drunken ping-pong ball/styrofoam cup/ten pin bowling challenge was created by the ladies.

Last thing I remember was passing out on a clean bed and sleeping like a baby listening to the rain.

All in all, an excellent welcome party. Thanks girls!

— 31 Mar 2012 —

The day of the fun run. Or not.

At the time, we knew we shouldn’t have had the extra few glasses of carton wine or the double brandy and coke, but did we stop? No. Why? Because it was fun. But in retrospect, if we had stopped, maybe we would have made it to the fun run?  Well, at least *M had good intentions of rounding up a group to participate in a fun run/walk held at the nearby park whilst the rest of us were trying every excuse under the sun to get out of it.

So after *M and I finally managed to drag our asses off the bed, we set about the daily chores. Wash. Clean. Wipe. Repeat. Only to find the 5 newborn kittens had been orphaned the previous night. Devastated, *M and I set off to the vets’ to buy kittymilk and titties and then it was back home to feed the orphans. And boy was it hard work getting them to suck on an artificial tit! But we managed and the little ones drank to their heart’s desire.

Next on the agenda was to pick up some steel for the guys. After sitting in the dodgiest bakkie I’ve ever sat in, I really didn’t feel like doing it again. Thankfully we didn’t have to and coincidentally *R’s friends had already arrived so we had to entertain.

With all of us gathering early in anticipation for *R’s infamous (never been done before) oxtail potjiekos and the big game, Bulls vs Stormers, with Stormers on their home turf and Bulls in their pansy pink uniform, the guys got the big screen and the couches ready, whilst the girls mingled and chatted and drank too much wine.

With the game done and dusted and Stormers taking the game, it was over to DJ *M and *S to take us into the night. And at midnight when the potjiekos was finally ready, we ate till our stomachs were content or when there was enough food to soak up the booze, under the stars.

It was a great night and thanks to *R, I’m now craving for another oxtail potjiekos! Oh, and I’m glad I actually passed out on my own bed this time (out of exhaustion and not the booze I swear!).

— 01 Apr 2012 —

Today I really wanted a chill out day. Or that’s what I hoped for anyways.

*R being the nice soul he is, lent me his car and I went exploring Pretoria. Armed with a trusty hand drawn map, I set forth to Pretoria.

After a lot of wrong turns here and there (can you see why I would get lost with such a good map?!), I finally made it to the Union Buildings. Then many wrong turns after that, I found myself at one of the entrances of Freedom Park. Man, it was a mission! Never trusting a hand drawn map again!

Having done my time as a tourist, I set off back home only to find that *M and I were going on a road trip to Brits to visit the guys on site. So off we go again. Many hours in the sun after, it was a long drive home. Sorry for *M, I was nodding off in between trying to keep her awake.

Arriving home and after feeding the cats, the four of us passed out on the couch and decided to finally call it a weekend. And I had only 10 hours before my flight to Livingstone…


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