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Play – The Union Buildings

— 01 Apr 2012 —

One of the places I spent at, one sunny quiet morning in Pretoria, was at the Union Buildings.

Forming the official seat of the South African government and housing the offices of the President of South Africa, the sandstone constructed buildings sit on the highest point of Pretoria, Meintjieskop and overlook the city. It is close to similarly designed buildings in Church Square and the Voortrekker Monument, and constitutes as a South African monument and a popular tourist attraction.

The Buildings was constructed with a semi-circle main building with two wings on the east and west sides. This represents the two main languages spoken in South Africa; English and Afrikaans. Surprisingly, the Buildings took just over 3 years to construct.

Panoramic of the city of Pretoria.

The war memorial with the Buildings in the background.

Architectural features around the grounds.

The Buildings are beautiful to look at and the gardens even more so. Take a picnic basket and enjoy a morning soaking in the rays and the peace and quiet. Even with all the tourists, you’ll be able to find a peaceful nook to call your own for the day.

Union Buildings
Church Street (Northern end of Arcadia), Pretoria
Gauteng Province, South Africa


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