Done and Dusted, One Last Time.

I am done with my dues in Zambia. After 10 months, I am finally done.

Done and dusted with the sun, the bumpy roads, the stupidity of the security guards, the strict rules, the slooow pace, the shitty little one-propeller plane where you’re practically sitting on the pilot’s lap. This is not to say it was all bad. I mean, spending my Sundays off on the water, the fishing trips, the parties, the boys… 

As of today, I will start my “new” life back in civilisation. Back to being a girl, back to wearing heels, back to having a life! Unfortunately, this means there will be no more spontaneous travelling in and around Africa (although 9 countries in less than 2 years is quite impressive if I say so myself), no more Botswana, no more star-gazing on the back of the bakkie, no more views from the air, no more weekend stopovers in South Africa, no more Africa.

It’s time to hang up the suitcase… and keep my feet on the ground for a while… at least that way I can tell you all about the African adventures that I’ve been promising.

So until the next adventure comes… Salute, Gesondheid, Cheers! *clink clink*


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