The Start of Another Adventure!

So remember how I forgot to tell you all that I was going on another camping trip? Well, apologies again. But here we go with the stories…

— 02 Apr 2012 —

Arrival at Livingstone after a tiring weekend. The (what seemed like a) long flight (although only 2 hours or so) was made better with a sighting of the falls from the air. It was stunning to see the mighty falls again. And to have seen it from there air, I saved myself US$45 and having to get wet. Score.

After I arrived at the river front camp site, I lounged around at the pool deck and soaked in the sights and the fact I was in Livingstone again! And also because I needed to pass the time till the booze cruise. I was also hoping some of the tour people would be around the bar but to no avail.

So onwards to the booze cruise. It was a beautiful day for being on the water. And drinking. To rid myself of the restlessness, I swear.

Look at the falls in the background. The thundering water. The cloud of mist. The power that the falls represent.

So in between all the free drinks and wildlife spotting (was not a good day for this, only a pod of hippos sneaking a peek here and there), I met the B-Team. *B1, a good abiding citizen who is in Lusaka working with a NGO and *B2,  her brother the medical student studying in NYC (of all places!). We had many interesting conversations which may the time pass even quicker because the next thing we knew, the sun was setting, setting, set.

I found my group and we had a lekker welcoming meal. I found myself a tentie and welcomed the much-needed sleep.


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