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Why Hello Again, Kasane

— 03 Apr 2012 —

Cruisey late start to the day (late being 07h00!!) as we only had the drive into Kasane, Botswana. First stop, the border!

Now I don’t remember the border crossing taking so long last time (yes, the same one so view photos from last time), so why did it take so long this time?!?! There was only one pontoon working!!! Argh, Africa shits me sometimes. Most of the time. ALL THE TIME. Now, why would you only let one pontoon work at a time when there are like 50 trucks waiting, on both the Zambia and Botswana side, hundreds of people and 3 different tour trucks?? Get the other one fixed already!!!

So off we went anyways, without the truck and *P (driver), and we waited outside the immigration office. And waited. And waited. The B-team from yesterday even beat us past the line. And they left their hotel later than us. Frustrating to say the least.

After what seemed like hours, and as it turned out it was hours, the party truck came by and we set off for our campsite at Thebe River Safari. We had to rush now because we had to get some of the group on the sunset booze cruise by 15h00. And we still had to do a shop stop, pitch the tents and have lunch. But we made it in good time and the group was all set for the sunset cruise.

I decided to give the cruise a miss because I went last time so I bid farewell to my tentie (you never know, but one could get eaten by a crocodile or hippo on the waters…) and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the mattress.

Waking only when the others came back, we ate a lovely chicken curry prepared by *S and did the whole get-to-know-each-other thing. Name? Where you from? What the hell are you doing in Africa? How many times travelling with G? And last but not least, what’s your favourite animal?

Shirley. Australia. Working in Africa for the past two years. Two. Hippo!

Pleasure to meet you too.


Stay here if you are planning to go to Chobe National Park. It is only 5km away. They offer many activities within the Chobe and Kasane areas. Enjoy!

Thebe River Safaris
Kasane, Botswana
t: +267 625 0995


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