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Play – Chobe National Park

— 04 Apr 2012 —

What a bloody early start we had that morning. The safari truck was going to pick us up at 05h30 (!!!). That meant a 04h30 rise. On the second day of camping. I knew this was just going to go downhill.

Snuggled up in practically all our clothing and warm from the coffee(s), we marched onto the safari truck and sat, numbed from the chill of the wind, watching, waiting and hoping to get this over and done with. Upside, we saw elephants all the way to the park. And they came pretty close to the truck.

Once in the park, I was still bloody numb so I occupied myself with taking photos of the sunrise, hoping some sort of physical activity would warm me up. It didn’t happen. But the sunrise did. First the pastels, then the golden-yellow bursting through the horizon.

The national park was full of wildlife. Eagles, stocks, buffalos, monkeys picking at each other’s butts, you name it. The only thing we didn’t see was the cats. 3 out of 5 is quite good considering my luck on all other safaris.

Chobe National Park is one of the best parks I’ve had the privilege of visiting. Although it’s my second time there and I didn’t see lions on either trip (are there even lions?!), I’d visit again. And again.

Whether you do the boat cruise or the game drive (personally I’d recommend the boat cruise because you don’t need to wake up so bloody early!), you’ll see amazing wildlife.

Enjoy and don’t forget the binoculars!


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