Lonely Planet – When should you use a travel agent?

Although I claim to be an awesome solo traveller, I have had the odd moments whereby I’ve joined a tour (or two) or used a travel agent to plan everything for me. One, because it’s sooo much easier for them to organise the big-ticket items such as the actual flight tickets; and two, it’s much easier to go to remote places which you would’ve taken 4 days to get to, purely because of all the shitty connections you would’ve booked yourself because you didn’t know better.

Well, that’s the argument put forward by my friends at Lonely Planet in When should you use a travel agent?

Arguably I agree with them to their reference of a traveller and a tourist. I’m a bit of both myself. Especially where I’ve done the tourist thing and booked myself on tours and done the traveller thing with picking the basic option on the tour and exploring remote parts of Africa. Granted the tour truck did take us there but that’s besides the point.

As much as I hate being a tourist, I will book another tour as it’s great to have company on the road. And I will use a travel agent because I know he/she’ll find me the best deal/route for when I go to the States and Canada next year. Sure I’ll organise my return ticket to San Francisco, but then how do you suggest I get to Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, New York, Jacksonville, New Orleans and all the other festivals I want to crash?

It’s all too hard for me. Don’t judge me. I promise to be a traveller once I set foot on U.S. soil.


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