Delta, We Meet at Last

Continuing the fun from the Chobe National Park

— 05 Apr 2012 —

Today was the day. The day I’ve waited for, for over a year. Today, was when I was going to finally go to The Okavango Delta. The largest inland delta in Botswana. In the world. The highlight of my trip/year/life! Yes, that’s how excited I was about it.

So like all trips, we had a hiccup or two that morning. We had to transport ALL the camping gear and the kitchen. *P was to take all this, via road, and meet us at the other side. Do you know how heavy a no 6 potjie pot is?!?! Bloody heavy. Luckily the guys took care of that. Then we had to wait for the princesses to make their way to the dock with their bag full of Passover stuff. Looking weak and sorry (on purpose), the J-team was kind enough to pitch while the rest of us bitched about them. Finally on the water (yes, I was on The Delta!! Eee.), we made it to the docking station. To find *P had not arrived. So entertaining ourselves and each other, we waited and chatted and waited some more. Only then to find out the car had burst a tyre. Just our luck. Instead of heading into camp around mid-day, we would be heading in during the hottest time of the day. Armed with our frilly brollies (umbrellas for you non-Aussies) and 5L bottles of water, we headed in our mokoro (usually holed out pieces of wood but due to conservationists, the mokoro is now made of fibre glass). Amongst the reeds and the lilies.

We didn’t make it in time for the sunset cruise. We only just made it in time to set up cap, dig out the toilets and then it was time for a nap. We did make it in time to enjoy the colours of the sunset. The way it lit up the channels. The way it created a stunning backdrop for the tree silhouettes.

I just knew these 2 days were going to be a magical experience. This is of course discounting the fact we had a long drop for a toilet and no showers. It was still going to be magical, nonetheless.

Side note: During *J’s recent visit to Perth, he pointed out to me that he had never seen someone so excited to visit a place (The Delta). He said he was excited but I was excited to the point where he thought I would have an orgasm when we were taking a dip in the crystal clear waters. Thanks for making fun of me *J, love you too. Hope you get Bali belly.


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