See you next time Delta

— 07 Apr 2012 —

Available on request (bless *B and *I), was a short(er) safari walk. Sceptical of how much shorter it would be, I was like “Hell yeah! Not that 5 hour shit” when the guide said 45 mins only. So off we went trotting along the backside of the island with the guide.

I was still trying to register what time it was and why I was awake when this view said it all. Stunning isn’t it? The golden-yellow, the pastel pinks and purples, the cloud formation. At the point I knew what time it was. Bloody early!

Prodding along the single track, we saw no wildlife. Except birds. But found elephant dung, hippo footprints and giraffe bones. The giraffe had been taken by hyenas 3 years back and the vultures had dug into the carcass cleaning it right to the bone. Would’ve loved to see that in action!

At the miniature salt pan, the texture and colour was amazing. Up close it looked like tons of grey-blue mountains standing tall above the terracotta earth. From afar, it looks like a bed of dead earth. I was thinking about how the pan would fill to become a watering hole when the rainy season started. I was imagining the animals that would come to the watering hole to quench their thirst. What a pretty sight that would be.

Heading back, we boarded our mokoro again and sadly had to say goodbye. Goodbye to the hippos. Goodbye to the Delta. How nice of you to accommodate us. So a big Ke Ale Bo Ga (ka-le-bo-ha) or thank you to you Delta. It has been a pleasure and I will be back for more next time.

Until then,


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