In CS News – The Ultimate Aussie Pub Crawl

I was perusing the Couchsurfing site the other day and came across one of the awesome-ist ideas of late. It’s The Ultimate Aussie Pub Crawl where a bunch of guys (surprised?) are going to travel approximately 16,378km around Australia visiting iconic pubs and places and meeting the locals.

The bright idea came from former Network Ten reporter Peter Furst and his frustration over the number of Australians that are buying up bargain overseas holidays because of the strong Aussie dollar (I’m also a guilty party). Feeling that Australia isn’t getting all the attention that it deserves, Peter and his trusty crew will be travelling around Australia and “reconnecting” with all things Aussie. And he wants EVERYONE to get involved. Here’s how.

Follow the event countdown (they leave 15 June 2012). Like their Facebook page. Check out their itinerary and see if you’re in the area that night. Rock up to the designated pub and introduce yourself. Share stories and laughs. Get your 5 minutes of fame in their video. Join them on the road. Whatever you do, Get.In.Volved.

For the Perthians, there is a CS event set up for when The Ultimate Aussie Pub Crawl hits Perth. Can’t wait to meet Peter and his crew. And all you out there too!

The Ultimate Aussie Pub Crawl – Perth leg
Tues 03 July 2012
Grosvenor Hotel
339 Hay St, Perth
Arrival: 19h30

Banner courtesy of The Ultimate Aussie Pub Crawl blog


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