The San People

— 08 Apr 2012 —

Today was the day we were going to meet the San people (Bushmen). I first learnt about the San after *S and I watched “The Gods Must Be Crazy” on site.

We were booked on a Bushman walk and it would entail information about their living habits, survival skills they use in the bush and their interaction with the modern world. But first, we had to get to Ghanzi. We arrived at the camp and the change of scenery was most welcomed. Along with the dip in the quarry on such a hot day. How inviting does that water look?

The sunshine didn’t last all afternoon and the rains threatened the end of my yoga-on-water session. Oh well. All the more time to get ready for the bush walk.

It was finally time. I was looking forward to it. We met the leader of the tribe who led us to meet the rest of the members. They were dressed in the traditional clothes (looked more like off-cuts to me) and looked every bit like the characters in the movie! We followed them for an hour or so seeing them in their natural environment and learning the healing properties of different plants. It was funny when the leader asked if any of us girls were interested in eating some of the fertility plant. I don’t think so mister, get that shit away from me! We also learnt that most of the members still live in the bush outside of town and the leader lives in the town, however a member ventures out once a week to get provisions (mainly tobacco) for the tribe. Even the Sans can’t live without modern-day inventions.



And this little child stole my heart. He was just completely adorable and extremely playful. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Brangelina on you all and go and adopt the kid. I probably shouldn’t be broadcasting this manhood on the internet but I just had to share him with you.

The guided walk was a great experience. I skipped the traditional bush dance though and I’m glad I did. Because (the) God(s) were kind enough to put on a starry show.

I fell asleep under the stars that night. Total bliss.


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